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2022-10-17 03:17:59 By : Ms. Helen Yue

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Klipsch has announced new versions of the speakers in its Reference and Reference Premiere lines, the seventh generation of the Reference and the third generation of the Reference Premiere.

Paul Klipsch started the American loudspeaker company in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas, the same year the small town saw the birth of future President Bill Clinton. The company helped create the high-end audio market in the United States and the brand has maintained its reputation over the decade.

Klipsch says its Reference series upgrades (pictured above) are the most dramatic since the line was introduced in 1999. The line features a compelling new look, with impressive woofers made of spun-copper thermoformed crystal polymer for a unique, gong-like appearance.

Those woofers also feature steeper angling of cones to deliver a smoother response and better crossover integration. Klipsch has increased the size of its proprietary Tractrix horn, which now features a sleek edge-to-edge design. The cabinets are made from ¾-inch MDF and feature a black wood grain vinyl finish. Discrete Dolby Atmos connections allow for easy connections to A/V receivers that support that technology.

There are 10 new Klipsch Reference series models, consisting of three floorstanding speakers (R-605FA Dolby Atmos enabled, R-800F and R-600F), two center channels (R-50C and R-30C), two bookshelf speakers (R-50M, R-40M), one Dolby Atmos elevation speaker that can also be used as a surround speaker (R-40SA), and two powered subwoofers (R-121SW and R-101SW).

Prices for the new Reference series range from $998 to $1,798 for a pair of floorstanding speakers, $299 or $399 for a pair of bookshelf speakers, $379 or $499 each for a center channel, $599 for a pair of surrounds, and $499 or $599 for the subwoofers.

Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers with an ebony finish set up for Dolby Atmos playback. 

The Reference Premiere line utilizes the same upgraded Tractrix horn technology while also utilizing Klipsch’s own copper Cerametallic woofers with aluminum Faraday rings and Tractrix ports. The line also features the company’s exclusive Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) titanium tweeter.

Buyers can choose between ebony or walnut furniture-grade wood finishes for the cabinets. The line features the same discrete Dolby Atmos connections found in the Reference line. The speakers come with magnetic grilles.

Each speaker features dual input terminals for bi-wiring or bi-amping capabilities. Bi-wiring separates high and low frequency current into separate speaker cables to reduce intermodulation distortion and deliver clearer midrange. Bi-amping allows for customization using outboard crossovers when using separate amplifiers

Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers with an ebony finish set up for home theater use. 

There are11 new Klipsch Reference Premiere series models, including four floorstanding towers (RP-8060FA II Dolby Atmos® enabled, RP-8000F II, RP-6000F II and RP-5000F II), two bookshelf speakers (RP-600M II and RP-500M II), three center channel speakers (RP-504C II, RP-500C II and RP-404C II) and two surround speakers (RP-502S II and the innovative, dual-purpose RP-500SA II that functions as a Dolby Atmos elevation speaker or a rear/side wall-mountable surround).

Prices for the new Reference Premiere series range from $1,198 to $2,998 for a pair of floorstanding speakers, $599 or $749 for a pair of bookshelf models, $499 to $799 for a center channel, $699 for a pair of surrounds, and $899 for a pair of dual-purpose RP-500SA II speakers.

Onkyo and Integra’s 2021 model A/V receivers are programmed to include the precise crossover values for specific Klipsch Reference and Reference Premiere speakers, eliminating any guesswork from the user or the sometimes-arbitrary settings generated by some automatic room calibration systems. Klipsch says it should be especially easy to set up your Klipsch speakers with these A/V receivers.

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