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2022-10-09 08:35:08 By : Ms. Helen Peng

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Discounts on popular Beats headphones and earbuds can be all over the place. We've rounded up the best ones for you.

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Having a great pair of headphones can make a huge difference, whether you want to listen to your favorite songs or want to get hyped for a workout. Whatever your reason is for getting headphones, searching for good headphones or earbuds with quality sound can be a daunting task with so many options out there. While some may be more expensive than others, the quality that Beats by Dr. Dre offers is impressive given the affordable prices of its products. The Apple-owned company has maintained its unique logo and sound, and more of its products are integrating Apple technology. 

Deals on Beats headphones and earbuds are fairly common across multiple retailers, which can be rare for other Apple products. Apple even matches some Beats headphone deals from third-party retailers at its own online store . 

Here's a look at the current best Beats headphone deals. Prices fluctuate frequently and sometimes certain colors are less expensive than others, so click through on any model to see specific pricing for specific colors. Note that while the Beats Solo Pro, Powerbeats and Beats EP have been discontinued from production, some remain available for purchase from various retailers. 

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Beats' Studio3 Wireless over-ear noise-canceling headphones were released back in 2018. They're good headphones, but they're more than 3 years old. They're on sale for just $180 -- almost 49% off -- at Amazon right now in a few different colors.

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Beats' Powerbeats Pro, which has been out for a few years, list for $250. They've dipped as low as $150 but are now hovering around $200. With Beats' new Fit Pro earbuds also available (read our Fit Pro review), these Powerbeats Pro are regularly on sale.

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Beats' entry-level EP wired headphones are a surprisingly good listening experience -- and value. The list price is $130, but you can regularly find them online for closer to $100 and sometimes less. Right now, Amazon has the on sale for just $80 in all four colors. These on-ear headphones that aren't as swanky as Beats' forgotten on-ear Mixr or its over-ear Executive and Pro models. But thanks to their reinforced metal frame, they remind me of low-frills versions of those headphones -- they aren't flashy and don't fold up or fold flat for travel (the frame has no hinges). The EP headphones offer decent, clean sound with enough bass here to satisfy a low-end audiophile, but not so much to turn off someone who's looking for a more balanced, neutral sound quality in their headphones.

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First released in 2016, the Beats Solo3 headphones predate the Solo Pro and have the W1 chip instead of the H1 chip. While they're wireless, unlike the Solo Pro, they're missing noise cancellation. That said, it's one of the most popular Beats models ever made and often gets discounted to around $100. The current low price of $130 is a pretty good deal compared with the competition at $200.

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The Powerbeats 4 are essentially the Powerbeats Pro with a wire between them. Some people like having the wire so they can let the buds dangle from their necks when they don't have them in their ears. They are no longer sold by Apple but you can sometimes find a set on sale at a third-party retailer like Amazon for just $120.