Listen to music or take a call in the shower with this Bluetooth speaker | Mashable

2022-10-09 07:40:59 By : Ms. Hu Belinda

Don’t let the shower stop you from listening to your favorite playlists. The Bidet4me Music Showerhead combines Bluetooth connectivity and water-saving technology.

The high-resolution audio includes background noise cancellation, so you can leave all the stress from the outside world behind. The showerhead is also eco-friendly, saving up to 30 percent of normal water consumption.

Think bigger than the shower: you can detach the speaker and bring it around with you. Just pop it out and take it where you please to stream from any device with Bluetooth features up to 32 feet away.

If you need to answer a call while washing up, a built in microphone will keep your voice clear. The music stops when a call comes in, so just press the button on the showerhead to accept the call and you’re good to go.

The battery life lasts up to eight hours of continuous operation. When it’s time to charge, a simple USB cable and set of Lithium Ion batteries are supplied.

Time to join the shower revolution. Get the showerhead speaker here for $32.95.

You can also choose to have a handyman set it up for you for an extra $90.69.

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