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2022-10-14 09:54:39 By : Mr. langbo Lee

Its Cyberpunk-ish appeal aside, the CYBERBLADE TWS Earbuds from Angry Miao are pretty impressive as audio devices overall… but one feature stands out as perhaps the most brilliant brainwave ever. The earbuds sit in a case that itself is a control device for your audio. Rather than just being a boring plastic cover that charges your buds, CYBERBLADE’s charging case is shaped like a large volume knob, and it functions as one too. With a rotary dial for a lid (that you can also press like a button), the CYBERBLADE uplifts the TWS experience altogether, showing that great ideas and great execution can really propel a seemingly mundane product forward.

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Established in 2019, Angry Miao developed a reputation for making some incredibly cutting-edge mechanical keyboards including one of the most impressive ergonomic split keyboards we’ve ever seen. With the CYBERBLADE, the company shows that it has an abundance of great ideas for innovative products.  The CYBERBLADE is a pair of TWS Earbuds designed for daily life and gaming, with a unique triple SoC design that reduces latency and provides impeccable audio clarity. It also helps that the earbuds and the case look positively dope, with an eye-catching metallic finish and geometric design that falls well within the Cyberpunk theme that everyone’s a fan of nowadays (gamers especially).

Envisioned as a Desktop TWS audio solution, the CYBERBLADE offers impressively ultra-low latency (36ms) in its tiny package in ASE (Active Sound Enhancement) mode. The wireless earphones sit within their tabletop case, which also doubles as a volume control interface mode switching. The earphones themselves look absolutely bleeding-edge, with a design that Angry Miao claims was inspired by Focus, from Horizon Zero Dawn. They’re triangular shaped, with a single LED strip cutting across the center, giving the earbuds a distinct aesthetic that you can appreciate in the light as well as in the dark. Multiple silicone and memory foam ear tip options ensure a snug fit for a wide range of users,  and the RGB lighting on the earbuds as well as the charging case/dock are both customizable, making the CYBERBLADE heaven-sent for gaming enthusiasts!

The CYBERBLADE is one of the first and only earbuds to come with three separate SoCs – one for each earbud and one in the case. Together, they handle audio delivery, giving the CYBERBLADE its staggeringly low 36ms latency that makes it perfect for gaming and even occasional music production (with 3 booster modes designed for various scenarios). It helps that the CYBERBLADE also has its own independent DSP (digital signal processor) and runs on Bluetooth 5.2 for seamless, stutter-less connection. The earbuds come with Hybrid ANC and AI-enabled ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) too, giving you up to 35Db of noise attenuation to drown out sounds around you for immersive gaming/listening. There’s even a transparency mode for when you want to listen to the world around you, powered by an array of 6 microphones inside the earbuds that work in tandem.

Now that we’ve got the TWS earbuds out of the way, let’s focus on what’s easily CYBERBLADE’s pièce de résistance, the case and dock. Designed to sit on your tabletop like an audio control interface, the CYBERBLADE’s charging case/dock also doubles up as a massive tactile volume control knob with a programmable click feature. This is perhaps a major deviation from how TWS earbud cases are designed because most cases don’t have any functionality beyond charging. Given that it sits on your desk instead of perpetually in your pocket, Angry Miao made the rather clever decision to turn the dock/case into something that’s much more capable on its own. The case, a cylindrical puck, rests within an angled dock that lets you connect your CYBERBLADE to a power source or device via USB-C. A massive knurled knob on the case rotates 360° to give you precise audio control, and the knob can be pressed too, working as its own independent interface for audio control.

The CYBERBLADE was calibrated for a variety of use cases beyond just desktop gaming. Sure, it works rather spectacularly with the desktop, but things don’t quite stop there. The TWS Earbuds also support a whole slew of other devices including the Switch, Steam Deck, iPad, Smart TV, and can even directly connect to your PS4 and PS5 via USB to become their main audio output. Even beyond gaming, the CYBERBLADE works rather well for movie playback (with Angry Miao’s proprietary spatial audio feature) and music playback, thanks to studio-level EQ settings, DRC, and AGC algorithms, and audio-fine tuning by music industry veterans. A hip-hop fan? There’s also an upcoming Hip-Hop Booster mode developed in collaboration with Hip-Hop Artist Rich Brian that will be available soon through a future OTA update.

The earbuds start at $299 (discounted for early bird backers) and ship with the charging case, dock, USB-C cable, and multiple memory foam and liquid silicone ear-tips for customizable comfort. There’s even a bundled app for toggling features, customizing RGB lighting, selecting your own EQ, and checking battery levels. The CYBERBLADE offers up to 6 hours of listening time with ANC and RGB lighting enabled in Bluetooth mode… extendable up to 24 hours when combined with the charging case.

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